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Charity Pulse 2022 - Registration


Welcome to your registration for Charity Pulse 2022

Over the next few pages you will be able to register your charity to take the Charity Pulse 2022 survey and customise it for your specific analysis requirements.

There are four parts to the registration:
  1. Providing the details of your charity and your overall requirements for the survey
  2. Selecting the sub-analysis options and reports you would like to receive
  3. Specifying what to include in each of your chosen reports (if both staff and volunteers are taking part in the survey)
  4. A box for you to input any questions or follow-on requests.

Information about the cost of your survey:
The core cost of taking the survey is £495+VAT - this includes the Overall Results report and sector benchmarking. You can add further options to this core service if you would like - and this registration form will guide you through those. 

All prices shown in this registration exclude VAT which is charged at the current rate of 20%.
Guidance Notes

If you have not already done so, please read through our Guidance Notes before registering. Reading this document will help you know how to make the right selections for your survey.

Click here to download the Guidance Notes as a pdf
Need Help?

If you are unsure about any element of the registration process, please get in touch with Emma by emailing or calling Birdsong's office on 01858 525258.